Sara GarrARD - Pastor

Sara is the pastor at Old West Church. A transplant from Georgia, she comes from a long line of Methodist pastors. Her formal education includes an MDiv from the Emory University (2013) and a CTM from the University of Cambridge (2013). Her thesis dealt with examining the redemption of female sexuality through Christ’s resurrection in John. Currently, she is working on her Doctorate of Ministry with her thesis dealing on a theology of space. Sara is passionate about social justice, particularly as it pertains to equity for all genders, identities, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, nationalities, family structures, and belief systems. 

Contact Sara at: sara@oldwestchurch.org


DAvid Tweedy - Office Administrator

David is the Office and Building Administrator at Old West Church. If you would like to schedule an event or meeting at OWC, please contact him.

Contact DAvid at: oldwestchurch@gmail.com 

Dr. Olga Lipina - Minister of Music and Arts

Dr. Olga Lipina is Minister of Music and Arts at the Old West Church in Boston. Her ministry integrates practical involvement in the life of the church with theological and theoretical exploration of arts as a source for congregational development. Dr. Lipinaʼs experience and expertise is summarized in her dissertation, The Role of Arts in the Process of Leadership Formation and Ecclesial Transformation. This dissertation demonstrates that art, as an expression of faith, brings renewal and leads the religious community in the process of a holistic transformation.

Dr. Lipina received an extended training in the area of arts and theology. Her formal education includes following degrees received from the Boston University School of Theology: Master of Sacred Music (1999), Master of Divinity (2005), Master of Sacred Theology (2007), and Doctor of Ministry (2010). She also holds degree of Master of Arts in Conducting and Choral Arts from the Latvia Conservatory of Music, Riga, Latvia.

Dr. Lipina is the recipient of the American Association of University Women International Fellowship. She is the founder of the Child Music Development Program at the Church of All Nations, Boston, Massachusetts. Her specialization also includes organization of multiple International Festivals of Religious Music that facilitated inter-religious understanding and dialogue between the different faith communities.

Dr. Lipina is the founder of the Faith and Arts Center at the Old West Church, promoting arts as a cross-cultural liaison for different faith, cultural, and educational institutions.




Dr. Ivonne Borrero - Trustee Chair 

Ivonne  is the head of the Trustees at Old West. She works for BPS and is a dedicated educator.



Elsa Bengel - SpRC Chair

Elsa is the head of the SPRC at Old West.  

Elsa is the current chair of the SPRC. Her role is to oversee the committee that oversees pastoral appointments and church staff. The committee works to encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor and staff and their families.  The committee provides guidance  to set priorities that strengthen the OWC's ministry with its members and the community. The committee is the connection to the Church district, evaluating appointed leadership and, recommends candidates for ministry.

Here Elsa is pictured with the rest of OWC’s growing with hope team: Elsa, her spouse John, Ladonna, Karen, and Pastor Sara. (from left to right)




Karen Spiller - Lay Leader

Karen is the lay leader at OWC. Karen is a fantastic consultant. She linked OWC with Boston Food Forest Coalition and Food Solutions  New England. 

Karen is pictured here, with Elsa and Ladonna.



Mike Moehring - finance Chair

Mike is our finance chair, overseeing the finance committee. ALong with the Finance Team, Mike is in charge of all the income and expenses that come through OWC.

Here he is pictured with his spouse, Ladonna.